2021 Covid Safe Family Vacation Adventure Ideas in the USA

Many people from different worlds are traveling to America where culture, science, and arts. The United States is a group of comprehensive cities, which combines a large number and a variety of tourism, attracting millions of people to go and many see the United States America Its extensive territory is the paradise of God on earth, including natural treasures, buildings and amazing architectural bodies that combine classical sculptures and modern architectural arts for clouds and trendy towers. In addition to gardens and green parks that attract a large number of tourists whether from within America themselves or outside

New York State

New York State is one of the United States, which includes a wide range of important tourist attractions. New York is one of the most important cities of the world and most targeted by travelers around the world and tourists, due to the landmarks of New York state, as well as the charming and prosperous nature New York was tied as the city that is not sleeping and also the heart of the USA, which is one of the distinctive tourist facades in America and the world.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most famous American tourist destinations because of Hollywood and many celebrities, as well as the beaches that attract tourists, along with huge places and are also known as a place to draw attention because of the Disney World and Universal World

statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in New York, where this statue is symbolized to the United States of America. This statue is located on the island of Freedom, which is located in New York Bay, and the Statue of Liberty is one of the families of America’s most famous landmarks.

Anaheim, California

The city has diverse and tourist attractions with different desires and tendencies and tendencies. Marconi Automotive, Patel Ship Lua, Powers, Discovery and Mozzozi Cultural Centers.

central park

Central Park is one of the most famous tourist areas in the United States of America and is one of the largest parks in the whole world. This tourist attracts a large number of visitors and tourists on two days between outdoor hiking and exercising many different sports such as walking and riding Aerial grades, as well as that Central Park contains lakes, green hills, and trees that are dying with you charming nature.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History, museums that are one of the best tourist places in New York and are a huge number of tourists daily. The museum is located on the upper west of Manhattan, and is one of the world’s largest museums and has a large group of huge animals Stuffed and fossils in addition to the huge celestial dome, and a rich library best types of diverse books, and there is a large hall is rich in the strangest rock, lighthouse and human and animal residues

Times Square

Times Square and famous Times Square is one of the most important tours in New York, and this square also features many famous shops as well as luxurious and famous hotels and international restaurants

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States of America, which extends over the River River, and the bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in New York
It is one of the most beautiful charming places you can enjoy watching the scenic of the river


The most important attraction in Arizona is the great groove, this park is a haven for nature and provides tourists with history and anthropology.

Montana State

The most famous destinations in Montana is the National Park Yellowstone, where this park is characterized by wild animals such as buffalo, bunching, and mountain lion, and is famous for its mountains nature

San Diego, California

From the cities of America, which can be called Art and Culture. San Diego has many attractions, which make it an important destination for coming tourists to the United States, Balboa Park is one of the most important attractions where is the largest gardens of California

Recreation Park

It is one of the oldest recreational cities and has a large water garden and a beach, there will be best to spend a family summer picnic and you will be able to enjoy the best games and see a distinctive character of the most beautiful tourist destinations including the ponds and water slides

Museum Port of Mystic

One of the most prominent landmarks in the US State of Connecticut and is one of the largest US museums located in the United States. This museum includes a group of best boats, seasons, and steamships and there are best ships and legitimate boats


The island of Hawaii is called Green Paradise from its beauty and the natural beauty of Hawaii is the most important feature in addition to cultural diversity. In Hawaii, a quiet atmosphere relaxed in the morning where they can swim in the ocean or hiking on the golden sand, and in the evening people meet on the beaches around the fire to celebrate and play music and dance.


Florida knows the sunny mandate for its tropical climate that attracts everyone for its wonderful beaches and interesting parks. Florida has a series of wonderful islands, as well as charming cities such as Miami, the finest beaches in the state, and Orlando, which contains Disney and Sea World World

Southwest America

Southwestern America has the most beautiful wonders of nature in the world. Grand Canyon is more famous for the area and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Southwestern America has brilliant cities such as Santa Fei, New Mexico, and Arizona, filled with attractive tourist sites.


Chicago is the third city in the United States in terms of population census and the largest cities in America, the city has many attractions that attract many tourists from around the world

Los Angeles Zoo

The Bloss Angeles Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions within the city, which includes more than different types of animals, as well as a large range of rare animals such as Calcordord and Shambanzi, as well as the garden with rare types of plants which are kept Inside their own reserves in the garden. Plus Angeles Zoo includes many hiking and enjoyment, where the garden includes amenities and a kingdom of children to enjoy a larger entertainment day. Also to provide industrial lakes and fountains on your day visit to the zoo.

Wax Museum in Hollywood Los Angeles

Museum of Madam Tussah Hollywood for wax is one of Los Angeles tourism landmarks that are famous for great popularity among the city’s population. The Madame Tussah Hollywood Museum is a major museum in which the largest famous figures around the world of wax and reflected them greatly to approach the truth, A banner is placed next to each figure to expose a profile of this person and the largest and most important information and the business that is the largest tourism in America.

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