These are the Top Wellness Destinations on Earth

There are quiet and beautiful tourist cities that attract a large number of visitors from different parts of the world to visit them to enjoy watching their charming landscapes and incredible historical scenes to escape from daily and functional burdens in an atmosphere of calm and charming purity that allows calming the soul and purifying the mind of all negative thoughts. All this you will not find except in a city with a slow and quiet rhythm. This is a group of the best coastal cities with all the basic facilities needed and that help to relax, as it contains a group of pristine beaches and some of the best scenic nature.


The island of Bali is considered one of Indonesia’s most important tourist and cultural cities, with a long history and stunning landscapes that made it worthy of the title of God’s Paradise on Earth. Bali islands are famous for many breathtaking nature scenes that attract the highest tourist groups in the history of tourism rates in Indonesia, such as terraced rice plantations, caves, volcanic mountains, rocky waterfalls, and wonderful sandy and rocky beaches. In addition to a number of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples dating back to the first centuries AD, and memorials that showcase the ancient struggle of the people of Balinese against colonialism, with a group of meadows and recreational parks ideal for relaxation.

Sri Lanka

It is famous as a beach of wonderful beaches, a plantation of tea plantations, and an ancient city. Here you can go snorkeling, visit the elephant sanctuary, the lush fish lake, and explore the dense forests, shrines, and temples. It was formerly known as the island of Ceylon and is characterized by peace and stability and a tourism boom.


Venice is a tourist destination for many honeymooners. It is considered a symbol of the city built on the water, navigated by sea boats. This city contains many canals bordered on both sides by a unique architecture represented by buildings and palaces.


The Dolomites is a popular area for nature-lovers tourists. There is really no shortage of accommodations in this charming destination, from luxury hotels to wonderful mountain huts that enable you to stay in the mountains without the need to carry camping equipment, add to that the opportunity to stay in one Beautiful country holiday homes run by locals.


Santorini is one of the most incredible tourist destinations in the world that Greece characterize. It is one of the smallest Greek islands on the Mediterranean Sea. From its whitewashed houses with blue roofs to its archaeological museums containing antiquities dating back to the 13th century to beaches like Red Beach and Kamari, Santorini has unparalleled charm and romance.

Costa Rica

This Central American destination is more modern but still retains that lively Latin flavor. With gorgeous beaches and mountains, it is a popular surfing and relaxing destination for travelers who want to someday relax and do something adventurous.


The charming Collioure is located in Languedoc in the southern region of France. The town is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches with clean water and warm sun, which provide many activities and fun water sports, in addition to the city being a picturesque historical city, so you will find many ancient historical buildings and towers, which makes you enjoy contemplating it in an atmosphere of calm, away from the crowd of prominent historical monuments that attract large numbers of visitors.


India is a country full of tourist places that cannot be mentioned; Where there are many large high-end cities, towns, villages, picturesque beaches, festivals, fairs, forts, monasteries, lakes, mosques, palaces, museums, monuments, temples, wild gardens, shopping markets, and many sites listed by UNESCO within List of World Heritage Sites, and the Taj Mahal, which is one of the main destinations in the world


It is one of the most known places in Italy. Tuscany stretches from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Apennines. The main cities in this region are Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Arezzo and Livorno. You can wander among the picturesque places of this region, which includes the Cathedral of Florence, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. See the towers of San Gimignano or the quiet towns on the northern hills and enjoy a more contemporary atmosphere

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